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NEWS: April 1st 2009 - The New Southampton Partnership announces prestigious city emblem

Today the New Southampton Partnership is proud to unveil plans for a new centrepiece for central Southampton, 'the tower of Babel'. The tower, which will stand two metric miles tall, is a celebration of social capital and will dwarf Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower which stands at a mere 170 metres.

Funding is being sought to build the seven million cubic metre structure on the site of Hoglands Park, in Southampton, and will resemble a tall box. The structure, which will weigh over 161,000,000 KN, will be solid enabling it to withstand strong winds.

This iconic, ambitious, landmark project will help define New Southampton as an iconic, ambitious, landmark city - and will cost in the region of £1,000,000,000.


"This is just the first phase in the re-motiving of Southampton and is in response to feeback, at all levels, from local businesses, practitioners, primary trusts and key stakeholders," said a New Southampton spokesperson.

"With an unrivalled breadth of resource, inspired innovation and shared best practice, the Partnership is determining a new degree of excellence, through provider consultants and self-regulated skills criteria, and with quality improvements at its core. The Partnership is funding, and implementing, breakout action research specifically devised to promote target setting and confidence raising as well as for cohort-wide delivery and tailored capability-assessment-inclusion initiatives."

"The process started here will span the gamut of provider types and community provision," they added.