CGI for 'Cable Itch - I don't want to work for Island no more' - Sren Thilo Funder - Exhibition at Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen, Norway - summer 2021


CGI for 'Plumbers (lizard bazooka sea monkey turtle tower terminal)' - Sren Thilo Funder - performance at Vega, Kbenhavn, September 2019


The latest work by Sren Thilo Funder, THE WATCHERS OF MALHEUR (TWEET TWEET), 19. januar - 12. maj at Den Frie in Copenhagen. CG sequences are my me using the new eeVee render engine


CGI for Soren Thilo Funder film Lung Chamber (Survival Horror Edition) 2017

Til Vaegs Copenhagen


Floral Tribute with Catherine Wright - Southampton East Park - October 8th 2016

Part of the British Art Show Fringe Event


DOWN WITH DOMESTIC TRASH!! (excerpt - Soren Thilo Funder 2016)


Nicolas Brady (Target Audience) - (excerpt - Soren Thilo Funder 2016)


Reiteration - Cardiff Sessions at the Sidney Nolan Trust 2014


The Cardiff Sessions at the Sidney Nolan Trust - August 2013


Pedal height adjustment using the double spline system - For He-Man Dual Controls(2013)


Dystopian Cities - a film made from a workshop delivered at Westminster School (Jan 2013).


Still Walking - Following in the footsteps of Richard Long 2012.

See at the FLINT MircoFest


and on a lighter note ....
During my MA at the Royal College of Art I have been investigating 3D computer animation from the point of view of the solo animator / film creator. Where as many small scale CGI ventures tend to focus on a small, highly technical arena of action, my films work with simpler animation but on a larger scale. My final year film, 'the Woman who Married a Pig', features many characters and epic action using only the simpler tools of the open source 3D animation software Blender 3D. Future work will continue to look at how the individal can be empowered through 3D computer image making.
My final year film - The woman who married a pig, a tale of power and vanity, is inspired by the paintings of Giovanni Di Paulo. Unlike the huge teams and organisation of Hollywood computer generated films, I am interested in where 3D CG stands with individual film makers in teams as small as one. My technique is unashamedly computer generated and I am interested in what could be thought of as the charm of CG. I have been working with open source software, with the support of their community, to make a film which is more about narrative than technology.
Relationships is a non too serious look at when a mite李�?Ts symbiotic relationship with its host. Events on the micro-level affect the macro as this delicate balance is ruined by consumer lust. The film was made using the open source 3D software Blender.
email info@LaurenceWeedy.com